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We teach the mental side of the game.


We believe your mind must be your greatest strength, not a weakness, in order to reach your full potential.

There are 3 things you can train:


1. Body (weightlifting, conditioning, nutrition)

2. Skill (shooting, post moves, ball-handling)

3. Mind

As a player, I kept hearing coaches say, "it's all mental," but I couldn't understand why we didn't spend any time working on our mental game.


I tried to find a resource that taught the psychology of the game in a simple and practical way, but I couldn't fine one.  Out of personal necessity, I decided to create Ball is Psych.



Basketball is Psychology is where my passions are combined.


I fell in love with the game of basketball at a very young age. Since pre-K, every recess was spent on a basketball court. I took my basketball with me everywhere. I devoted all of my time to playing the game I love. I was never the fastest or tallest, but I knew I could make up for it by outsmarting and outworking everyone else. Thus, I became obsessed with the aspects of the game I could control. I knew the most important thing I had control over was my mind.  I got my edge by being ahead mentally. As I got older and the level of play got higher, the more mental the game became, and I loved it.


Think about all of the ways a strong mind can enhance a basketball player. Even the ability to quiet your thoughts and allow instincts to take over is an underestimated mental skill.

Confidence, motivation, IQ, attitude, self-awareness, memory, toughness, being coachable, and focused, the ability to manage emotions, and resilience; the inner game of basketball is so advantageous yet remains nearly untapped. 

Most basketball players have been told from a young age to "suck it up". While I believe there is a time and place for that, I want athletes to feel comfortable talking about their mental health. I want to end the stigma around athletes seeking help for their mental health.


I want this blog to better the game of basketball. I believe every basketball player’s full potential can only be reached with the mind. I believe coaches can only help them reach that potential by bettering their understanding and use of psychology.


You gain a powerful performance edge when your physical training and mental preparation come together.




Your feelings control your actions. You can’t change a feeling, but you can change your thoughts, and your thoughts control your feelings. 




This blog focuses on the practicality of psychology in basketball. These posts will be a collection of research, interviews, studies, and observations of basketball players coaches, and teams. The goal of Basketball is Psychology is that it will provide you with real-life application through our action steps at the end of each post.




Basketball is Psychology started as a blog, but you will find most of our content on Instagram and Twitter (@ballispsych). We have a book written for athletes facing adversity along with a daily motivational book. Some posts will feature athletes, coaches, analysts, or psychologists; anyone who can add value. We want this to be a valuable resource anyone can access, so we won't ever charge you to access a blog post.

We encourage you to make it your own.

Print it out.

Highlight it.

Take notes.

Make comments.

Give it to anyone you think could benefit.

If there’s anything you disagree with or more information you’d like to add, contact us.

Let’s grow this together. Join the movement.



- Julie Fournier

Founder & CEO

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